Benefits of MERIT


Mercia’s MAS-1 adjuvant/delivery system uniquely promotes a protective immune response that induces a strong antibody response and enhances T cell based immune regulatory control for use in chronic and autoimmune diseases.  Most adjuvants being used in experimental therapeutic vaccines promote immune responses which also activate cell-mediated inflammation, which desirable in cancer therapy, is detrimental for immunotherapeutics in chronic and autoimmune disease.  Alum adjuvants approved in humans primarily induce antibody responses, but are typically insufficiently robust for self antigens and their constructs. By comparison, MAS-1 is at least 50-fold more effective than alum adjuvants and at least 10-fold more effective than oil-in-water adjuvants in commercial use when combined with self antigens and their conjugates.

Advantages of MERIT and MAS-1 Adjuvant/Delivery System

  • Potent MERIT based products promote a protective immune response, including antigen-specific T regs and antibodies, maintain self tolerance to the native target avoiding autoimmunity, and preserve the patients overall immune system intact.  MAS-1 adjuvant/delivery system is up to 50 times more potent than alum adjuvant and more than 10-fold more potent than oil-in-water adjuvants used in commercial products. 

  • Robust – MERIT based products have been clinically proven to induce robust immune responses even in immunocompromised and elderly patients.

  • Safe The MERIT based product platform is supported by a 1,500 patient clinical safety database from earlier oncology applications of the core technology using self antigens.  No systemic side effects were observed across multiple doses and regimens.  At a minimum, comparable safety and efficacy can be predicted for each MERIT product in development for autoimmune and chronic diseases.

  • Patient Friendly MERIT based products are low viscosity, free-flowing emulsions enabling low volume patient-friendly (e.g. ~50 up to 300 µL) injections facilitating various routes of administration (e.g. i.d., s.c, i.m.).

  • Easy to Manufacture MERIT based products can be manufactured in bulk and filled into single or multiple use sterile vials or pre-filled syringes or at point-of-use (POU) using Mercia’s fully validated, proprietary GMP-compliant process technology.
  • StableMERIT based products consist of stable nanoglobular aqueous droplets (diameter 300 nm) dispersed in a continuous oil phase.  Refrigerated (2 – 8°C) they are stable up to 3 years, and even withstand multiple freeze-thawing cycles (-40 to +40°C).